Stand Up and Fight!


“Next in rank was Shammah son of Agee from Harar.  One time the Philistines gathered at Lehi and attacked the Israelites in a field full of lentils.  The Israelite army fled, but Shammah held his ground in the middle of the field and beat back the Philistines.  So the Lord brought a great victory.”


(2 Samuel 23: 11 – 12)


Happy Almost New Year’s Eve, Y’all!  We will be busy tomorrow night so I had to share this tonight.  Actually, God laid this word on my heart a few weeks back and I have been sharing it with people individually but last night or this morning rather at like 2am, I felt such a strong impression that I must write this before the New Year begins.  Some years ago when I was just a little girl, I heard my daddy preach a sermon on these verses and it profoundly impacted me and I hope my delivery of this devotion does the same for you so you can change your life – for the better.  I have asked daddy for his notes of that very sermon and I hope to have them in my hand soon.  If I do, I will share – if you want.


Lately, it seems that I am hearing of more and more family and friends facing battles like never before.  Battles that are horrible – battles that take all they have to fight.  And more and more, I am seeing my people just lay down and give up and quit fighting. 


Look at the verses above and follow my imagination for just a bit.  See, Shammah was fighting a battle over and over and over.  The same battle with the same enemy.  The Philistines came year after year to take what he and his family had worked so hard for.  The Philistines came year after year for the harvest and the Israelites just let them.  They didn’t even try to fight – they just gave up! 


Read the verses.  “The Israelites fled…” – why?  Why did they flee?  They ran!!!!  And gave their harvest away.  Was the battle too hard?  The Philistines too strong?  What in the world made them run from all their blood, sweat, and tears?  They gave up their entire harvest of peas for some big ole bullies!!  Makes me mad just thinking about it.


Is that what you are doing?  Giving up??  Brothers and Sisters in Christ, my word to you tonight is this – STAND UP AND FIGHT!!  Fight for what’s yours!  Don’t you dare just lay down and give in to the enemy!  What do you mean you can’t do it?  What you do mean it’s not worth it?  Why in the world are you just sitting there in the mud like there’s nothing to fight for?  You have EVERYTHING to fight for!!!!!!!!


No, I don’t know your battle but I know one who does – GOD!  But I can tell you this – we have faced some terrible, awful, horrible battles in our lives – but we didn’t do it alone and we didn’t give up.  You might be crawling – you might be on one knee – you might be bloody and bruised from the fight – but don’t you dare give up, hang your head, or let those arms fall.  You stand up and fight!  Fight with every ounce of being you have left!  You and Jesus – you can do this! 


Think about Shammah – he stood in the middle of that pea patch and said “No More.”  No more was he going to allow the enemy to come and steal what he had worked so hard for.  You say it!  NO MORE will you let the enemy come and steal your FAMILY, your JOY, your PEACE, your HAPPINESS, your LOVE, your ability to GIVE.  NO MORE!  NO MORE!!


Get mad at the enemy for what he has been doing in your life!  Get mad enough that you do something to change it.  If you don’t have the energy to stand up and fight – find a brother or sister in Christ and share your burden.  It’s our job to be Aaron and Hur’s – hold their arms up until they are strong enough to fight again (that’s another sermon for another day, though!).


Stand up and fight, y’all!  Fight for what’s yours!  Fight for your peace of mind – your health – your financial freedom and whatever else you need!  Fight y’all. Hear my voice – STAND UP AND FIGHT!!!  I will be your cheerleader – this life is so hard but you can’t just walk around defeated.  Put the enemy in his place – he isn’t allowed access to your life unless you let him have it.


Fight people!  Fight!  Your life depends on it!


Please know if you are reading this, you have been prayed for.  Today, last night, and before then – my heart is screaming these words so loudly – STAND UP AND FIGHT!  And see the Glory of the Lord!






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